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What is a UGC creator? The complete guide to become one


Aug 25, 2023
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Chances are you’ve stumbled upon a product demo video where the user couldn’t stop raving about how amazing a certain skincare product or productivity app is, and maybe you didn’t even realize it was an ad until the video was over. That’s the beauty of UGC! Also known as user-generated content.

UGC refers to content created by a follower or fan of a brand that appears organic and authentic and serves as social proof of a brand's product or services. 

In fact, UGC performs so well that 70% of brands believe it helps them connect better with their audience on social media. 

In this guide, we’ll teach you what a UGC creator is, how to become one, and the pros and cons that come with it. Keep reading to see how you can start to earn the big bucks working for brands. 

What is a UGC creator?

You might be familiar with UGC – it’s not an entirely new concept. Brands have been sharing fan content like product reviews and demos on their social media for pretty much forever.

The difference between “traditional” and “mainstream” UGC is that brands pay creators to make genuine, authentic-like content endorsing products and services to their audience. 

Unlike influencers, UGC creators don’t need to have a massive following, they can create content for brands without showing their faces (hello introverts!), and they don’t have to share UGC content for brands on their own channels. Creators of all kinds or people who want to be creators should capitalize on this industry as the UGC Market is expected to hit $18644.21 million by 2028 - you can treat it as a side-hustle, turn it into a full-time job, or make a UGC education business out of it.

A bonus is that creative professionals like social media managers, models, photographers, and videographers already have transferable skills they can leverage to make UGC content for brands.


Why brands hire UGC creators

There are many reasons why brands hire UGC creators for their content marketing needs. Let’s dive into a few! 

It’s cost-effective. 

It’s no secret that content marketing is powerful. In fact, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates three times as many leads. Unsurprisingly, content marketing can also add up, and brands are constantly on the hunt for ways to trim costs.

Enter: UGC creators. UGC is a cost-effective solution to content marketing budget challenges. On average, UGC can spare brands a total of $72,000 a year, which is the equivalent to the salary of a content producer in the United States. 

It feels authentic.

The data backs up UGC content creation: 61% of shoppers say user-generated content encourages them to engage with brands.

Content that looks and feels authentic is more impactful. When followers come across a piece of user-generated content, they’re naturally inclined to interact with the post as it spotlights fellow consumers who share their experiences. 

UGC content differs from brand marketing as it focuses on trust and loyalty from everyday consumers, rather than a creator's follower count or reputation. It operates like a "word of mouth" recommendation, encouraging peers to invest in products and services.

It increases conversions and sales.

Because consumers are spending hours upon hours engaging with UGC online, this provides brands with an opportunity to capitalize on their attention. 

Brands use UGC photos and videos to run paid media campaigns on search engines and social media channels. Because UGC-based ads get four times the amount of clicks compared to non-UGC ads, brands who use UGC experience higher conversion rates on paid social.

Now that we’ve wrapped our heads around the perks of UGC, let’s gear up to master the art of UGC creation!

How to become a UGC creator

The good news about UGC is that there is a low barrier to entry. With practice, anyone can become a UGC creator, but there are still some essential skills you’ll need. 

To attract potential clients, you’ll need to showcase your capabilities through a curated portfolio that highlights your best work. 

Don’t fret - we’ll show you exactly how to build your portfolio below:

Identify your niche

Are you a foodie who enjoys taking photos before eating? Do you love traveling and posting beach pictures on Instagram? Consider your interests as a starting point to identify your niche.

Make sure to research examples of UGC from other creators in your niche of interest so you can get inspiration and explore the possibilities for yourself. Check out these TikTok videos below of some UGC creators in various niches.

In this travel example by creator @socialalison, she showcases her creative process for crafting a video of a staycation a brand paid her to create:

There’s nothing like a good inspirational video to get you motivated for the day. We love this lifestyle UGC example by creator @talmeshak. 

@talmeshak End of the week burn out on a Wednesday so it’s been a slow morning but I am committed to completing my goals I set for the week. 💕 #dayinmylife #morningroutine #contentcreator #ugccreator #blackgirltiktok #lifestyle #fyp ♬ original sound - manifestingwealth17

We’re getting hungry just by looking at this UGC food example:

@sashapreps My favourite tips for creating UGC food videos 😍 making this video made me so hungry 😢 #ugc#ugccreator#foodugc#foodblogger#foodmarketing#ugctips#ugccontentcreator ♬ оригинальный звук - mazur4ik

As the wellness market keeps booming, social media users are constantly seeking ways to enhance their lifestyles. Take a look at this health & wellness UGC example by creator @samanthadugc.

@samanthadugc Here’s a piad media UGC exmaple I created for a client in the hleath and wellness niche🌿 I decided to use the @Captions: For Talking Videos for my captions this time🤭 #ugcexample #ugcad #ugcvideoexample #ugc #ugccreator #ugccommunity #ugctips #usergeneratedcontent #fulltimeugccreator #socialmediamarketing #curlyhair #lgbtq ♬ original sound - Sam💫 | UGC | SMM | Coach

Loads of social media users are out there on the hunt for tips to kickstart a side hustle and make some extra cash. This is your chance to show them the ropes and guide them towards becoming successful entrepreneurs through UGC content. We like this example from one of our Kajabi customers, @coursebrando. 

@kajabi The right time to go all in with your side hustle. 🔥 @coursebrando used his full-time job to fund his side hustle that eventually turned into a 6-figure online course business. Then, of course it was the right time to go all in once his return on his side hustle outweighed his full time job. 😌 #kajabi #sidehustle #sidehustleideas #sidehustlesecrets #sidehustleforbeginners #sidehustlesthatwork #onlinebusiness #creatorbusiness #businessowner ♬ original sound - Kajabi | Start an Online Biz

Purchase the necessary items 

You don't need fancy equipment to start your UGC journey – remember, UGC content is meant to appear authentic, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality. 

Having a smartphone is more than enough! However, maintaining high-quality UGC may require additional tools like a lavalier mic, tripod, and props.

Check out this UGC creator starter pack on Amazon to get a sense for what you’ll need to begin your UGC creation journey. 

Build your portfolio 

Now that you’ve identified your niche and purchased your UGC starter pack – if you don’t already have one – it’s time to begin building your portfolio to showcase your UGC strategy, creation, and editing skills. This step is especially important if you’re a beginner and don’t have any UGC examples to show potential clients. 

Canva is a popular user-friendly portfolio builder among beginner UGC creators. While it is awesome for building your portfolio, remember that lots of other UGC creators are using it too, so make sure to customize your portfolio to stand out from the crowd!

Check out this in-depth step-by-step Canva UGC portfolio guide on YouTube by UGC creator Crystal Williams. 

You might be wondering how to score a UGC gig without any previous experience working with brands. Look around your house - you likely have items you frequently purchase and enjoy using, such as skincare items, cleaning products, clothes, and food ingredients.

Here’s a creative example of a UGC skincare video: 

To kick off your UGC portfolio up a notch, consider incorporating raw footage along with your final UGC video to demonstrate your editing skills to potential clients. Anyone can shoot a video, but brands want to see that you have the creative strategy and skills to craft videos that are visually appealing.

Establish yourself as the go-to expert on all things UGC

Along with a portfolio on Canva, UGC creators should link their contact forms on their TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to boost inbound leads from brands on social media. 

You can showcase examples of your UGC work and offer tips, tricks, and best practices for creating UGC content to other UGC creators. Establishing yourself as an authority and leader in the UGC space is a great way to build a brand extension under your UGC business. 

The key is to bring value to your audience, which takes time, consistency, and a dedication to perfecting the craft.

Promoting yourself as a UGC expert on social media is another way for you to attract clients for a coaching program. Once you establish a solid community on social media as an expert on all things UGC – you don’t need to amass hundreds of thousands of followers – even with a modest 2,000 following, you could draw in three to four potential UGC creators seeking one-on-one coaching sessions with you. 

You can use coaching platforms like Kajabi that make it simple for UGC creators to schedule sessions, provide resources, and create online courses for clients. The bottom line is that diversifying your revenue as a UGC creator is extremely important to build a sustainable business no matter your niche. Always keep your options open when it comes to directly monetizing your community outside of social platforms.

We know you’re excited to get started as a UGC creator, but first, let’s dig into the different types of UGC that brands are paying UGC creators to produce. 


Examples of different types of UGC content for brands

First, let’s begin by understanding how UGC can be used from a vertical standpoint:

Paid media UGC

Paid media is content launched as ads to promote a business’s products and services with the goal to boost sales and conversions. UGC paid ads can be found on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Google and are usually run as paid social media promotions.

Creating UGC content for paid media is great because content creators can identify creative strategies for producing UGC content that drives conversions. There are resources that UGC creators can use to identify best-performing ads (more on that later).

Here’s a UGC example for a paid media ad: 

@heyfrankieday Replying to @imhannahried the best part is I truly love these covers! They already sold out and we had to pause Ads for a week but we’re finally back this week! My husband was so happy for this partnership because I saved us from buying a new couch 😂😅 Check out Magic sofa covers at #ugcbyfrankie #healthwellnessbeauty #ugccreator #ugcpaidads #ugcpaid #paidmediaadvertising #ugcexample #dogtok #magicsofacover ♬ original sound - UGC by Frankie

Organic UGC

The main goal of organic content is to engage audiences and increase brand awareness and traffic on social media. Think of it as a photo or video that sits on a brand's feed, waiting to be discovered naturally by users.

Now, let’s dive into the good stuff – the types of UGC content you can create!


Although UGC videos have taken the spotlight on social media, don’t underestimate the power of photos. Think of product shots (i.e, hands holding products) and selfies. These types of images can be used by brands for email, website, and social media campaigns. 

For example, you could pitch sample images to a brand that would fit nicely as a visual layout on their social media grid.

Check out this UGC product review post by a UGC micro-influencer @wasabi.gif:

ugc photo example
UGC photo example from @wasabi.gif


No doubt videos are powerful. Studies show that UGC videos are 10x more likely to be more effective in generating conversions compared to branded content. 

Check out these examples below of popular video styles from UGC creators: 


Unboxing as a UGC creator and micro influencer

Product review:

Skincare UGC review


UGC creator & coach demo 


The best UGC creator posts grab a user’s attention within the first 10 seconds of a video. When starting a video, whether with a voiceover or text, it's crucial to immediately hook the audience in. 

For instance, you’d start a UGC video by outlining the consumer’s problem: “I’ve spent over 50 hours a week brainstorming blog content,” and then present the solution: “With Kajabi’s free AI tools, I’ve been able to shave off a total of 20 hours of work this week.”

You can save time with popular AI tools like ChatGPT or Google Bard to write script copy. When creating UGC scripts, provide excellent prompts by defining the purpose, providing clear instructions, and asking open-ended questions.

How to find inspiration for UGC Content

Good news! You don’t have to completely start from scratch when creating UGC content – there are plenty of existing resources that can assist you in providing inspiration. 

A simple hashtag search on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok can help you source examples of UGC content from creators in your niche. Plus, to save time, you can use an AI tool like Kajabi’s social media post generator to create engaging UGC content or, once again, use tools like Google Bard or ChatGPT to ideate some topics and styles for your UGC videos.

As your client base grows, you should also use these resources below to produce UGC content that drives conversions and organic engagement including:

TikTok Creative Center

The TikTok Creative Center offers creators an in-depth guide to creating engaging and effective ads on TikTok. It showcases trends, highlights best performing ads, and offers creators strategies for UGC creation. 

For example, this video on our own feed is a great example of a UGC video using the popular “barbiecore” trend on TikTok!

@kajabi If Barbie had an online business 💗@sierranicoleofficial #barbie #onlinebusiness ♬ original sound - Kajabi | Start an Online Biz


Think of PipiAds as TikTok’s #1 spy tool. The platform analyzes over tens of millions of TikTok ads daily and discovers the most viral products and videos on the platform.

Facebook ad library

The Facebook ad library enables users to emulate UGC content featured on all Meta products, including Instagram and Facebook. By browsing through different ad categories like beauty, fashion, and entertainment, UGC creators can identify appealing elements and draw inspiration for their content. 

How much do UGC creators make?

We know the top questions you’re wondering are: how much you can make as a UGC creator and how much should you charge clients?

There’s no right or wrong answer, but as of 2023, UGC creators typically charge an average of $520.

Keep in mind your UGC has the potential to create a significant amount of revenue for the brand – it’s okay if you price your services higher at first, the goal is to stay competitive without compromising on value. 

Here’s some pricing strategies to consider:

  • Packages/bundles
  • Fees for paid media usage rights
  • Add-on fees
  • Promotions
  • Retainer packages

For example, you could set a rate of $600 for five UGC videos or provide an additional fee for photo editing and enhancements. 

fypm* is an excellent resource for pay transparency, allowing creators to gather data and advice from fellow creators on how to set rates when working with brands.

How to get clients as a UGC creator

There are many ways to source clients as a UGC creator. The more avenues for potential UGC gigs, the better. 


Allowlisting, also known as creator licensing, is an avenue where creators can give access to brands to boost content on their social media accounts. 

For example, using TikTok Spark Ads, brands can collaborate with UGC creators to boost UGC content on creators’ TikTok profiles. 

This is a win-win scenario for both the brand and the UGC creator, as it offers creators greater visibility on social platforms while also expanding the brand’s reach.


Twitter is a great way to source UGC gigs as most brands are consistently seeking UGC content creators on their feeds. 

Before reaching out to brands on Twitter, make sure your page is optimized with a bio and UGC portfolio. You can pin your best UGC videos on your profile, that way when brands go to your page they’ll have easy access to your content. 

Online marketplaces

Billo is an excellent platform for UGC beginners to gain familiarity with working alongside brands and practicing video creation. Other platforms, such as Thinktesting allow creators to filter by industry and size and connect with more niche brands. 

Best practices for pitching UGC to brands

Before pitching to a brand, it’s important to master the art of cold outreach. Keep in mind that businesses receive countless pitches, and you only have a limited opportunity to create a favorable first impression. 

Avoid sending out templated emails to brands, always customize your templates, and conduct a thorough brand analysis before offering a brand your UGC services. Identify content marketing pain points and demonstrate how your UGC skills will help them achieve their marketing goals. 

The power of being a UGC creator

As social media continues to evolve, genuine and relatable content is here to stay. Contrary to popular belief, creators don't need to have hundreds of thousands of followers to make money online. The allure of micro-influencing cannot be underestimated; it’s a powerhouse in the creator economy. Brands are partnering with UGC micro creators to reduce costs, increase conversions, and foster online engagement. However, it doesn't stop there – micro influencers are directly monetizing their community by educating others about the UGC landscape, which paves the way for an entirely new avenue to generate income within the knowledge industry. If you’re ready to diversify your income as a UGC creator, see how Kajabi’s tools can help you grow your online creator business with coaching, courses, podcasts, and online communities.


FAQ for UGC creators

How can I avoid scams as a UGC content creator?

Always do your research. If something feels sketchy, follow your gut. Many scammers will attempt to entice UGC creators with the promise of unusually high compensation for UGC gigs without any formal agreements in place. Avoid communicating outside of online marketplace platforms, ensure there’s a paper trail, and keep in mind that you should never have to send money to your client in order to complete a task.

As a UGC creator, should I provide a contract to my client?

Yes! Contracts are in place to protect you as a creator, and ensure that you don’t find yourself in a situation, for example, where the brand ghosts you without compensating you for your work. There are various UGC legal agreement templates online that creators can use when working with brands. Generally, contracts should outline items like scope of work, time needed to complete a project, and the total amount of compensation a creator will receive for a given project. 

What should I know about UGC usage rights?

Think of usage rights as permission slips for using content that belongs to someone else. In the context of working with a brand to create UGC, a usage rights agreement will outline what a brand can or cannot do with your UGC. For example, when you create UGC content for a brand’s paid media campaign, it’s important to understand how your name, likeness, and content will be used. Usage rights will inform you where the ads will appear, how long the campaign will run your ads, and what platforms your UGC ad will be deployed on. 

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