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Kajabi vs. LearnWorlds


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If you’re looking for a program that lets you create, promote, and sell online coaching programs, you’re likely looking at LearnWorlds. And if you’ve heard anything about Kajabi, you may be wondering how they compare.

In this article, we’re doing a complete LearnWorlds review and comparing it to Kajabi, so you know which platform will help you launch and grow your profitable knowledge business.

What is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is an online course platform for creating, selling, and promoting your online courses. Created for professional and compliance training, continuing education, and employee/customer onboarding, LearnWorlds equips you to create free, paid, private, drip-fed, and curated courses.

While LearnWorlds does have features that support knowledge entrepreneurs, it wasn’t designed for creating and selling a lot of digital products. Its focus is courses, and it does courses very well.

But most knowledge entrepreneurs want to offer different types of digital products. If their clients and students have a need, they want to be able to quickly develop that type of product. For that, you need a platform like Kajabi.

Kajabi was built specifically to help knowledge commerce entrepreneurs sell their knowledge through courses, memberships, newsletters, and coaching. And as a true all-in-one business platform, you can launch and sell these products without having to integrate third-party tools.

Which of these platforms is right for your business? Let’s dive into their features to find out.

Producing online courses 

Whether you’re a coach or a course creator, you need to be able to create training materials that support your clients. Both LearnWorlds and Kajabi equip you to create courses that engage and promote learning.

Course creation

LearnWorlds and Kajabi are intuitive and easy to use. They provide hosting and a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to build and publish your courses. And both offer beautiful templates, so your course will look great, even if you’re not a designer. 

One thing that separates Kajabi is its Product Templates — pre-made, fully customizable outlines that make it easy to build a successful course from scratch. You’ll find a template for mini-courses, online courses, and drip courses, so you never need to worry about how to structure your course. Just the course content.

Video features

LearnWorlds is one of the only course creators we’ve seen that allows you to create interactive videos. With a click of a button, you can extract and show the video transcript, add hotspots and questions, and titles and images. 

This is a huge time-saver when you’re creating your course. Without a video editor, transcription tool, or other apps, you can create engaging videos that keep your clients engaged.

Kajabi doesn’t offer video editing within its course builder, so you’ll need a separate video editor. But it does offer built-in closed captions, which you can activate when you upload your video.

Screenshot of the Kajabi app video uploader

Built-in video hosting

Both LearnWorlds and Kajabi will host your videos for you. Simply upload them to the platform, and publish your lesson.

If you need to add resources or digital downloads, both platforms let you quickly add them to your lessons. With Kajabi, your students will see the download in the sidebar of the lesson. With LearnWorlds, the student will see a paperclip icon below the title of your learning activity. 

Screenshot of the Learnworlds online course builder

Adding downloads to a LearnWorlds course

Screenshot of a Kajabi video course on Marketing

Adding downloads to a Kajabi course

Course structure

LearnWorlds lets you create sections to organize your course content. Give each section a title and add your training materials. This may include a Zoom meeting, a PDF, a video or audio file, and an exam.

Kajabi lets you group your lessons into categories and subcategories, giving your courses a strong framework that enhances learning.

Screenshot of the Kajabi app showing the option to add content categories and upload multiple videos

Add a new module or submodule, then add a lesson. Within the lesson, you can also add resources, text, and other enhancements to facilitate learning.

Enhanced learning

A unique feature in LearnWorlds is the ability for students to add highlights and notes to text lessons. This helps them engage with lessons as they’re learning.

Kajabi gives students a Comment section, where they can leave comments and ask questions, so you can support them where they need it.

Both platforms offer assessments so you can be sure your students are learning the material.

Automations to streamline your workflow

With Kajabi, you can set up automation with just a few clicks to personalize your clients’ experience and help them take their next step with your business. 

For instance, when they complete a lesson, you can grant them an offer, enroll them in an email sequence, or send them a coupon. And you can set conditions, based on their engagement levels, the length of time they’ve been a subscriber, and other filters.

Automations ensure that you send the right message at the right time. Rather than creating a random email sequence that arrives in their inbox whether they’ve completed your course or not, you can engage with your clients based on their behavior, needs, and interest levels.

Screenshot of the Kajabi app showing the automations pop up with options to automate tasks in Kajabi

Other digital products

As you grow your business, you need to be able to develop multiple streams of business. There’s no better way to do that than to offer different types of digital products. Here’s how LearnWorlds and Kajabi compare in this area.

Coaching programs

Some students learn better with more personalized instruction than they get from digital courses. For these students, a coaching program ensures they achieve the outcomes you promise. 

LearnWorlds can be used for coaching, but it’s designed first and foremost for digital courses. You’ll need to use third-party resources to create coaching agendas and manage your coaching sessions.

Kajabi, on the other hand, includes a Coaching tool that lets you create single- or multiple-session coaching programs. You can schedule time with clients, share resources, track progress, and take notes on sessions, all from the same dashboard.

Memberships, subscriptions, and bundles

Both platforms allow you to create memberships with monthly payments. You can also bundle courses to create unique offers that your clients will love.

Podcast hosting

Podcasts aren’t just a promotional tool. When you take on sponsors, you can turn your podcast into an income stream. As a Kajabi user, you get immediate access to Kajabi’s podcast platform. 


LearnWorlds offers prebuilt templates for ebooks. So you can create your ebook within their platform. 

Kajabi allows you to sell eBooks as well - you'll just need to design them yourself.

Read more: 14 easy tools to create eBooks

Marketing tools

There’s a big difference between creating a course or coaching program and spring boarding that course into a profitable business. To monetize your knowledge, you need a full suite of marketing tools. Let’s look at the marketing tools available with LearnWorlds and Kajabi.

Email marketing

LearnWorlds has a drip email feature, but it’s not a full email marketing software. And according to one review, you have to add a user 24 hours before you can send an email to them.

With Kajabi, you get complete access to email marketing software in every plan. With it, you can build email automation, send one-off campaigns, and even sell a paid newsletter.

And because it’s built into the platform, it integrates with every other tool. This streamlines your efforts when building professional-looking marketing campaigns and engaging with your connections on an ongoing basis.


LearnWorlds integrates with many of the marketing tools you need to launch and grow your knowledge business — including Zapier, Zoom, Webex, Google Analytics, and top email marketing services.

With Kajabi, you don’t need a lot of integrations. Most of the tools you need are built into the platform. Even so, if you have a tool you already love, you can easily connect your website to your favorite marketing tools — including Google Analytics, Zapier, Calendly, and other email marketing services

Coupons and promotions

Both LearnWorlds and Kajabi allow you to upsell and cross-sell your digital courses by creating offers, landing pages, and funnels. Both give you a built-in shopping cart, including coupons. 

LearnWorlds helps you grow your list and sell courses with these key features:

  • Landing pages where you can offer a lead magnet and capture leads
  • Multiple payment gateways: Stripe, PayPal, Shopify, and PagSeguro

Kajabi’s marketing tool set includes:

  • Landing pages for offering lead magnets and capturing leads
  • Email marketing software, so you can segment your leads and continue to engage with them over time
  • Funnels (sales funnels) to turn leads into happy customers
  • The two top payment gateways: Stripe and Paypal

Affiliate program

Both LearnWorlds and Kajabi let you set up an affiliate program to create partnerships and encourage others to sell your course or coaching program for you. 

With Kajabi, the Affiliate Program is available with the Growth and Pro plans. With LearnWorlds, you get basic affiliate management in the Pro Trainer plan and advanced affiliate management in the Learning Center plan.

You may also become an affiliate of these platforms.

LearnWorld pays a minimum of 30% commission per referral. Their affiliates earn an average of $1,076 in commissions per year.

Similarly, the Kajabi Partner Program pays a 30% commission rate for as long as your signups are active. Some Kajabi Heroes earn thousands in commission each year from their referrals.


Kajabi was one of the first business-building platforms to integrate your website and your digital products into one cohesive tool. Kajabi not only hosts your website, it includes many of the features you need to customize it to your business. 

Its Template Store has free templates that give you a variety of design options.

Using their drag-and-drop interface, you can customize every page, adjusting colors, adding or deleting sections, and boosting conversions with forms, two-step options, and buttons.

You also get a landing page builder and automation tools to build sales funnels that keep your courses and coaching programs full.

LearnWorlds also has a website builder, with customizable templates, elements, and widgets. You can easily choose different color palettes, fonts, layouts, and buttons to reflect your brand. 

Reviewers mention that the templates can be cumbersome to work with. You’ll also have limited ability to edit the footer or customize your contact forms.


When you build your website and courses on LearnWorlds, their branding will appear on your products. To get the white-label option, you’ll need to upgrade to the Learn Center plan.

With Kajabi, it’s your business, your website, and your digital products. On our Growth and Pro plans, you'll get the ability to remove Kajabi branding from your website.


What  you can’t see, you can’t optimize. And both LearnWorlds and Kajabi understand that.

LearnWorlds has a Reports Center that gives you the data you need to track user segments, advanced user progress, course insights, and automated reports.

Kajabi has an Analytics tab in the admin panel, where you can find data on net revenue, subscription metrics, opt-ins, page views, product progress, offers sold, and affiliate activity. To see the details in any of these areas, click View on the specific Analytic you’re interested in reviewing. 


LearnWorlds Academy gives you free resources to help you create a successful online university. Everything from how to create an online course with LearnWorlds, to guides on video-based learning, remarketing, and email marketing.

Their blog includes articles on how to sell, how to teach, and platform updates. They also offer daily webinars and free ebooks that give you a quick introduction to the e-learning industry.

As for customer support, with the Starter plan, you get 24/5 email support. The Pro Trainer plan gives you 24/7 priority email support. And the Learning Center plan gives you 24/7 premium support.

Kajabi University gives you access to courses that will be instrumental in the creation and success of your online business on Kajabi.

The Kajabi blog is updated regularly with in-depth articles and guides that help you build a profitable knowledge commerce business. They also host daily webinars and virtual meetups, where Kajabi users can connect and hear success strategies from other Kajabi users.

To ensure your success, Kajabi offers one customer success activation call to every user in every plan. In the Basic plan, you also get chat support. In the Growth and Pro plans, you get 24/7 chat support. 


LearnWorlds offers four plans:

  • Starter, at $29/month plus a $5 fee for each course sale
  • Pro Trainer, at $99/month
  • Learning Center, at $299/month
  • High volume and Corporate, with custom pricing

Kajabi offers three plans:

  • Basic, at $149/month
  • Growth, at $199/month
  • Pro, at $399/month

With Kajabi, you get access to every feature with every plan. Kajabi also offers a 20% discount with annual billing.

Kajabi: the best LearnWorlds alternative

As you can see from this review, LearnWorlds and Kajabi have a lot of similar features, each with their own strengths. So how do you know which is right for you?

It boils down to the type of business you want to build. If you’re a corporate training organization, LearnWorlds was designed with you in mind. But if you’re a knowledge entrepreneur offering coaching and courses, Kajabi is the only online platform built specifically for you.

If you’re looking for an easy, intuitive way to build your business, Kajabi wins hands-down. A true all-in-one platform, it equips you to grow your business and diversify your products without having to invest in other tools. 

So for instance, you can launch your business with a single course or coaching program. Then, as you grow, you can add a podcast, a paid newsletter, or a range of other digital products.

With Kajabi, you can build your products, market them, and sell them from one admin area. No complicated tech stack required. 

This saves you time trying to figure out which tools you need and how to make them all work together. It also saves you money. Instead of monthly fees for all your marketing, sales, and business management tools, you only need Kajabi.

Whether you want to build one coaching program or course, or a branded “university,” Kajabi gives you the tools you need to succeed. The only question is, how far do you want to grow?

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Kajabi vs. LearnWorlds
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