Membership Marketing Formula

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🔒 Most Popular Templates
🔒 Customizing Your Funnel
🔒 Test Your Funnel And View Your Stats
🔒 How Funnels Work With Your Existing Kajabi Infrastructure
🔒 Sharing Your Funnels
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🔒 1.4 The Membership Site Formula

Section 2 - Outline Your Membership Components

🔒 2.1 The Three C's of Membership Sites
🔒 2.2 Content - What You Need to Deliver Every Month
🔒 2.3 Coaching - Offering Direct Access to You
🔒 2.4 Community - How to Facilitate Real Engagement
🔒 2.5 Challenges, Contests, and Giveaways
🔒 2.6 Your Monthly Checklist - Putting Them All Together

Section 3 - Design Your Membership Success Path

🔒 3.1 The Number One Reason People Cancel Memberships
🔒 3.2 The Power of a Success Path
🔒 3.3 Create and Name Your Success Path Stages
🔒 3.4 Write Out Your Descriptions for Each Stage
🔒 3.5 Identify the Key Milestones for Each Stage

Section 4 - Map Out Your Promotional Strategy

🔒 4.1 Pricing Your Membership
🔒 4.2 Open vs Closed Membership
🔒 4.3 The Step Up Method for Launching Your Membership
🔒 4.4 The Waiting List Strategy
🔒 4.5 Four Keys to a Legit Membership Launch or Promo
🔒 4.6 Upsells and Cross Promotions
🔒 4.7 The Hard Truth About Membership Sites
🔒 4.8 Final Thoughts
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Graham Cochrane

Graham Cochrane is the author of “How To Get Paid for What You Know” and is a business coach to over 3,500 premium customers worldwide. He founded The Recording Revolution, an online music business that generates over a million dollars in revenue, in 2009. He now hosts over 80,000+ monthly followers on his podcast, YouTube, and blog, talking about business, mindset, productivity, and psychology. Graham has been featured in Business Insider, Yahoo!, and The Huffington Post.