The Role Funnels Play In Your Business

Lesson Objectives

In this lesson, you will know:

  • What a marketing funnel is
  • The purpose a funnel serves
  • Why using funnels in your business is important

A marketing funnel is used to illustrate your customer's journey with you from their first interactions leading all the way to a transaction.

A marketing funnel is a series of pages, emails, and value strung together ultimately ending with a call to action to purchase a product or service.

Funnels allow you the time to cultivate a relationship based on value, and consistency with the newest additions to your list. A marketing funnel is often times an easier way to visualize the customer journey as at times it can feel a bit complex. When you are viewing your marketing funnel you can clearly see the path that your new lead will go through, qualifying them further, as they get deeper into the funnel.

A funnel is a way to make sure that new leads are not falling through the cracks, this is ensured by automation. This automation guides your new leads through a consistent process of value and personal connection so they feel as if they are getting to know you and you to know them.

There are many ways new leads can find your marketing funnel. Your funnel can be found through social media, ads, or a search engine in hopes to find a solution to their problem. No matter how they find your funnel, the reason why new leads opt in is because of the value that is promised to receive through entering their email address. This free value can be in the form of a PDF, video training, audio recordings, a free call, etc.

Here at Kajabi, they are no different, we just simplify the process by providing templates complete with landing pages, email sequences, and automation that are tailored for different types of free value that you choose to offer.

Marketing funnels can play a large role in your business as acquiring new leads and turning them into customers is vital to the growth of your business' reach and revenue. Testing, evaluating, and making small adjustments is all a part of utilizing a funnel as a marketing tool.

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