1.2 The Goal of Membership Marketing

Lesson Objectives:

In this lesson, you will:

  • Review the Knowledge Commerce Business Growth System
  • Understand how each tactic directly fits and connects with all 4 stages

Before we go into detail about Membership Sites and the Membership Marketing Formula. Let’s do a quick review of the K-Commerce business growth system and see where Membership Sites fits into this system. You’ll remember from the Orientation class that there are 4 stages of marketing your K-commerce business.

The first stage is Attention. So the goal of the attention stage is to build an audience of loyal fans that will spread your message and buy your products.

The second stage is Subscription. In the subscription stage, the goal is to create a predictable system for acquiring leads and email subscribers so you can nurture them with content and offer them your products and services.

The third stage is Acquisition. In the acquisition stage, the goal is to convert the attention and leads you’ve acquired into customers. A great way to do this is by offering a chance for your leads to go deeper with you by joining your paid community in the form of a membership site.

And the last stage is Monetization. In the monetization stage, you’ll create more products so you can increase revenue and grow your K-commerce business. If you already have launched an online course or two, then diversifying your revenue streams by launching a subscription product like a membership site is strategic as it can help you create scalable, recurring revenue.